10:31 PM

A Messy Night

Feeding Ashlyn rice cereal is a normal part of our night routine. Usually I'm the one who's doing the feeding however. Ashlyn (a very independent child) decided she wanted to try feeding herself the cereal. So I stripped her down to her diaper and let her give it a whirl. Man did she have fun! She definitely had more cereal on herself than in her stomach by the time she was done. But all in all, I think she did alright for her first time!

5:32 PM

Back on the Ranch!

I decided to help my dad brand cows last Saturday. I hadn't worked on a ranch since I was sixteen! However, just like riding a bike, the basics came back real quick! I also realized some things never change. For example, goofing off and acting like a ten year old is a must (at least until you get yelled at), I am still afraid of the cows, and I feel so bad for all the baby calves when they get branded! Over all I had a fantastic day! Actually, it was probably the most fun I've had in a long time!

Just waiting to get down and dirty! Well at least

Now what do they want me to do with this??

Spraying the backs of all the cows!

Shamae is "vaccinating" me! Yikes!

I'm stopping a cow from going the wrong way.
I wasn't scared at all ;)

Shamae just frying the hair off an innocent calf.

Whew! Finally done

The poor, tuckered out things!

3:37 PM

Family Pics

Last week we took pictures on the Secrist side of the family. The wind was horrible that day, and it was so cold! Poor Ashlyn was freezing to death. Her nose was bright red. You will be able to see in some of the pics. We have a couple of choices on the pictures, so I posted some of my favorites!

Dustin( Drews brother) just told me to picture him naked... GROSS!

3:58 PM

A good time for a party

On Saturday night we celebrated my dad's 52nd birthday! My sister, Shamae, had the party at her house. We had the full on bbq experience before the party really began, all the way from hamburgers down to potato salad! Then it was time for desert. My dad doesn't like cake so between Shamae and I we had three delicious pies! Then my dad opened his presents. I think my dad had a great birthday if I do say so myself.

My dad and Sydney enjoying their hamburgers

Look how great these pies look! All homemade

We were all watching my dad open his presents

Two of the cutest kids in the world!

Just me and my crazy sister!

I just love her!!

My dad freaks me out when he does that, but
Ashlyn loves it!

Just me and Ash

12:29 PM

A Fun Day

I thought I was going to have to miss Ashlyns first time eating carrots. Luckily, I got off work early so I didn't miss a thing! My sister Shamae came over with my two adorable nieces. They had lots of fun feeding Ashlyn. Ashlyn seemed to like the carrots just as much as the sweet potatoes.
Later, since the weather was so nice, Drew and I decided to take Ashlyn and Tank for a walk around the Green Belt. We all had a lot of fun! Ashlyn loved all of the ducks ( but not as much as Tank). The day turned out to be pretty great.

Me and my amazingly awesome sister Shamae

Ashlyn loved Aunt Shamae feeding her

She even let Sydney and Morgan feed her!

Mmmm.... yummy carrots

Ashlyn is all ready for her walk!

She is very excited!

Drew, Tank and I are taking a rest.

Ashlyn loved it by the water. She was so fascinated
by all of the birds down there.

Then she threw up her lunch! Shamae was right,
Carrots do stain clothes.

The poor tuckered out thing fell asleep.

Drew was so excited to get a kiss from me!!

As well as a hug.

Drew took me to the spot where he proposed three years ago.
Then he laid one on me!